Bascomb United Methodist Preschool, also known as BUMP, was started as a mother’s morning out program with just a few classes in 1986. Over the years it has grown into a preschool which now serves 75-100 families. Many of our former students are now bringing their own children to our school.

Bascomb Preschool is a Christian school and teaches its students to love God and be respectful and loving to each other. Each week our boys and girls go to ‘chapel’ and learn a Bible verse along with a story from the Bible.

BUMP also has many fun traditions, including our trick or treat event, our Thanksgiving feast and Christmas pageant. Each year, we celebrate our American culture with events that teach our children about our country and our heritage. The entire school comes together to share a feast at Thanksgiving, with our boys and girls bringing their own vegetables to add to our soup and each family attending the feast to celebrate this holiday. All of the children participate in the presentation of a Christmas pageant as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Together we hunt for Easter eggs in the spring, celebrate our mothers and fathers, and at the end or our year, we say good bye to our graduates in a special ceremony.

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